Source code for usb_iss.spi

from .exceptions import UsbIssError
from . import defs

[docs]class SPI(object): """ Use the USB_ISS device to perform SPI accesses. Example: :: from usb_iss import UsbIss # Configure SPI mode iss = UsbIss()"COM3") iss.setup_spi() # Write and read some data in a single transfer data = iss.spi.transfer([0, 1, 2]); print(data) # [4, 5, 6] """ def __init__(self, drv): self._drv = drv
[docs] def transfer(self, write_data): """ Perform an SPI transfer. Args: write_data (list of int): List of bytes to write to the device during the transfer. Returns: list of int: List of bytes read from the device during the transfer. """ if len(write_data) > defs.SPI_MAX_BYTE_COUNT: raise UsbIssError( "Attempted to write %d bytes, maximum is %d" % (len(write_data), defs.SPI_MAX_BYTE_COUNT)) self._drv.write_cmd(defs.Command.SPI.value, write_data) self._drv.check_ack() return